Arts Materials


It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to design a new piece with a pencil or possibly, work on your painting techniques, our store is flooded with all kinds of art materials that suit your varying needs.

Our products include powder paint, long handled brushes, chalk, large crayons, varnishes, brushes, easels, palettes, water colour, easels, pencils, erasers, pens, paper & hardback sketch notes, water colour paper, masonite, mahl stick, acrylics, and oils.

When it comes to pencils, they are essential art tools for creatives, and so it’s best to always have them handy. Good thing is that we have different brands available: wooden and mechanical, Staedtler, Derwent and Pentel pencils; simply look for the brand you are okay with working with and holler us.

Erasers are another very essential tool to help remove graphite from most surfaces, so it is a must have for any artist. Again, we have them available in our store.

If you love to work with pens, then it’s great you have them always close by, we have variety of brands available for you choose to from, so don’t hesitate to check with us.

A sketchbook is an art tool that you need as a creative, if you are looking to sketch a logo or design portfolio, you absolutely require this. We have loads of sketchbooks with various designs in our collection.

All of the art materials you can imagine are available in our collection, and in all the brands you can think of. Little wonder why we highly recommend that our store be your first point of call when sourcing for anything art materials or crafts.

The reality is that if you can’t find what you seek in our collection, then it is not a quality product or it is no longer trending. Make no mistakes; we only put up on our store what has been proven and trusted. So you can comfortably buy from us and go to sleep; knowing that you purchased the best there is; in terms of quality and reliability.

That’s why our customers keep coming back and referring others to us because you only find products that are worth your every penny in our store.