Textile and Sewing


We have very beautiful textiles in our collections for any occasion you are looking at attending. And we sure know how to do magic with the textiles we sew. No matter how beautiful a textile is, if the sewing isn’t well done, it could make a mess of the whole process, and that’s why we are completely given to churning out professionally sewn textiles at every given time!

The textiles you will find in our store are guaranteed of excellent quality, durability, and reliability. You can’t find a single textile in our collection that isn’t from known brands; brands that have built a reputation for quality are ones that graces our store, and that’s because our clients trust us to deliver only the best.

We only employ the services of fashion designers that have consistently raised the bar in their delivery of textile sewing that is perfect. We don’t entertain imperfections in wears being sewed and we don’t restrain from telling them so. Hence, you can count on our sewing to consistently deliver.

It’s fine if all you desire is to purchase textiles, as you would find all kinds in our collection. We also have already made textiles that you could just place a demand on, and it would be made available for you.


We offer free delivery for purchases that are above $100, which means anything less would require your having to pay to get it to your door step. Our couriers are very prompt and in most cases, same day delivery is very possible.

However, we love give room for circumstances that may be beyond us, so if we cannot make your delivery same day depending on the time of the day, you can be sure of being notified.

We are keen on professionalism, and that involves taking our being transparent, and that’s what we project to our clients all the step of the way.

We highly recommend that our customers go through our return policy before even placing an order for a purchase so they know what to expect. We don’t replace a product that you place an order for and you later changed your mind about.

We only take responsibility for orders that were made and there was error on our part in delivering. Customers making returns will ultimately bear the burden of the delivery fee if the order placed was caused by a mistake from his end. However, mistakes made from us will demand that we replace the item and bear the delivery cost as well.